Apple loses a round of patent war with Qualcomm. A court in San Diego in California has indeed decided that the Cupertino group will have to pay $31 million in damages for the infringement of patents on a technology owned by the used mobile chip maker.

This is a system that allows iPhones to quickly connect to the Internet and extend battery life. The technology is used in the iPhone 7, 8 iPhone, iPhone Plus 8 X and iPhone.

apple qualcomm

The court-based dispute between the two former allies who have become bitter opponents has been going on since 2017 when Apple filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm, accusing it of monopolising the chip market. A penalty had also come from South Korea that had announced a maxi fine for Qualcomm which in turn had accused Apple of stealing trade secrets and sharing them with rival Intel. The controversy then fragmented into numerous lawsuits in different countries becoming a maxi global cause.


This judgment “is the latest victory in our (open) world legal dispute to recognise that Apple is using our technologies without paying us,” Qualcomm said in a statement.

In December a Chinese court had marked a point in favour of the chip giant, finding Cupertino’s violation of two Qualcomm patents and issuing a preliminary injunction prohibiting the sale of some iPhone models in China, the second most important market for Apple.

In Germany, however, in January a court dismissed one of the lawsuits filed by Qualcomm against Apple relating to patents. The court of Mannheim called the case of patent infringement “unfounded”. In the country, however, another 5 cases are underway. Qualcomm had in fact obtained a ban in Germany on the sale of iPhone 7 and 8 models in Germany for patent infringement.