Have you started thinking about your 2019 New Year resolutions? Return to the gym or give up sugary drinks? Or should you finally put a stop on your mobile phone controlling you and your life?!

Unless you have a drug addiction, there may be nothing else in your life that is more addictive and potentially has more impact on your health and quality of life than your mobile phone! Ever thought about that? You might wonder how could that be true… evaluate your mobile phone usage and you will come to the disturbing conclusion that we are right!

Can you imagine your life changing for the better if you switched off your mobile phone or left it for one day a week in 2019? If you have children, can you think of something more powerful than the example you set to help them stay in control of their phones? Children have a remarkable ability to emulate the bad habits of their parents you know!

Turning it off is a powerful act to show who is in charge. If you feel you can’t live without it, you put your life in the hands of people who expect immediate response from their calls and all of the people who make all those apps you can’t stop using. Isn’t what you are surrounded with more important? Isn’t the person sitting across the table from you worthy of your attention? We are letting life slip by!

man and woman holding phones

Not so long ago we were having dinner in a restaurant. A family came along and sat at the table close to us. After having a look at the menu and ordering their food, they all took out their mobile devices and sat there in complete silence, oblivious to those around them and each other, until their food was at the table.

Is this how all families will be operating in future? Is it how all families will spend time together? Is it not enough that work duties are robbing us from family time?

Our resolution for 2019? Disconnect to connect! Spend less time with technology….more time with people physically whenever you can. What’s yours?