There’s nothing like Halloween and fancy dress parties to remind you how much creativity you lack. But there are some that are killing it. Mira Park is one of those people.

The 20-year-old, from Chicago, has come up with some gems, curating outfits reminiscent of your childhood faves like Scooby Doo, Fairly Odd Parents and Shrek.

The student also creates more topical costumes, featuring popular anime characters such as One Punch Man and Studio Ghibli characters.

Picture: Mira Park

Recently, Mira went viral with a Spongebob cosplay where she mimicked everyone’s favourite sponge to a tee. And Mira is committed to the craft. When she suspended herself off playground apparatus just as the yellow sponge does, she was left with bruises on her arms. But still, she persisted. Her Instagram is an ode to her skills and she now has more than 150,000 loyal followers.

‘I’ve always been creative and into fashion, so when I found out one of my friends is a cosplayer I decided to give it a shot!’

Picture: Mira Park

That was two years ago and now Mira manages all her own costumes, coming up with the ideas based off her favourite shows, games and films. Though she is often acclaimed for her talents, it takes a lot of time to create each look.

As a full-time student, she has to prioritise her studies. Mira also runs her own online shop where she sells resin charms and accessories. She adds: ‘Cosplays can take anywhere from a couple of days to about a month. ‘They should honestly take longer than that, but I’m a chronic procrastinator and usually work 12-16 hour days before conventions to crank out my cosplays.’

Mira clearly has an eye for fashion, which helps her with each cosplay. She says: ‘For my ideas, I usually just pick characters/concepts that I like and transform their designs into fashion concepts. I don’t think I could pick a favourite outfit but I’d definitely include my Magikarp armour, King Julian, Cattail from Plants Vs Zombies, and Spongebob boulder ballgown. I also consider making cosplays my job because I occasionally make money from it and it’s closely tied with my shop.’

Source: MteroUK