I take a deep breath, and think about the tug-of-war I always find myself in between home and work. I think I’m good at multitasking while being a working mother, but I’m obviously not.

I seem to always be half at work and half at home, my mind scanning thousands of things I just have to do, while trying to care for my kids, and ultimately I’m turning into a half-assed mother and maybe even wife.

I have no doubt that I am not the only parent living this struggle. There are times when I’m not a good listener, but like so many working parents I have a difficult time admitting to that.

One of the most beneficial things a spouse can do is listen, regardless of what your partner has to say. Listening is one of the highest forms of validation. And yet, although I know all of this, I still struggle to put down the distractions and really listen. But honestly, if I am to take a step back, and look at this whole situation from the sky level, is it rude if my brain is trying to tackle a thousand chores to be done at one go?

Anyone else feel the same way!?