It is called 2006 QQ23 – the new potentially dangerous asteroid sighted by NASA that could crash on Earth next August 10th 2019. Let’s see together what there is to know about 2006 QQ23, how big it is, how far from us it will be, what are the risks and why there is no need to be alarmed…

2006 QQ23 is the name of an asteroid observed for the first time on 21st August 2006 and that on 10th August 2019 will be less than 0.05 au distance from the Earth, specifically 0,04977 au, and 1,037 au distance from the Sun. Its speed that day will be 4.67 kilometers per second, its absolute magnitude is 20.1 and its diameter is estimated between 250 and 570 meters, at least more than two football fields.

Credit: MasterTux

The asteroid 2006 QQ23 has been classified Athen and belongs to the NEO group, that is that group of asteroids with a perihelion distance less than 1.3 au, it is an asteroid considered “potentially dangerous” because the minimum distance it passes from the Earth is less than 0.05 au and its absolute magnitude is less than 22.0.

Should we worry? Asteroid 2006 QQ23 is considered ‘potentially dangerous’ according to NASA standards since it could crash on Earth. There is neither the certainty that it will be destroyed trying to enter the earth’s atmosphere, nor the certainty that it will reach the ground causing damage; such as interference with satellites, earthquakes or tsunamis. But don’t worry, the asteroid is under control and the experts will keep us updated. Let us remember that just a few days ago the experts confirmed that the asteroid 2006 QV89, which is also potentially dangerous, will not hit our planet.