That of Claudia and Diego is a family of other times. The last born, little Giuditta, has only three days of life. “There are difficult moments, but they are overcome together” says the woman.

At the age of 38 she already has 11 children and has no intention of stopping here. Very recently, mother Claudia gave birth to her last child, little Giuditta. If in Italy the fertility rate is 1.34 children per woman, this mother of Centro Valle Intelvi, in the province of Como, represents a unique and rare exception. She had her first baby at 22, but then she did not stop. Eleven children in sixteen years: an enviable average, but that of Claudia under this point of view is a family of other times.

Baby Wearing White DiaperShe was a housewife, he was a computer consultant, Claudia and Diego got married 17 years ago. “We welcome life as a gift, we do not make calculations and we have not set a number of children” – says the woman at Corriere della Sera – “It was not a burden for me to give up work”. Of course, with such a large family “it’s not always roses and flowers” and “the hard times are there”, but “we face them together and overcome them and it’s always a joy to get together”.

Giuditta has three days of life and ten brothers and sisters, 7 males and 3 females, from 2 to 16 years. But Claudia states: “We do not stop here”.