The annual public transport pass for 365 euros, or one euro per day, is already a reality in Vienna. The new popular-green government now intends to extend it to all of Austria. It will be called “1-2-3-Karte” and it is a tailor-made season ticket: traveling in an Austrian region will cost one euro, in two regions two euros and in the whole national territory it will be possible to circulate at 3 euros per day.

The annual subscription of 1,095 euros for all public transport in Austria is aimed primarily at the many commuters who live in the countryside and work in Vienna.

Treno Öbb-Db in Alto Adige.

However, the project is not easy to carry out, given the presence of seven public transport consortia. For this reason, transport minister Leonore Gewessler (green) has set up a working group. “The time is ripe. It is the offer that creates the demand,” the minister told the APA.