“I was overwhelmed by all this kindness, it made me want to cry. For the first time, people have been very understanding and available about Braysen’s autism. All this gives me a lot of hope for the future”, little Braysen’s mother wrote on Facebook, telling what happened on a scheduled flight in the US.

The child could not sit still, screamed, kicked, hit a flight attendant. He was transferred to first class, but even there he did not calm down. In all this, however, none of the passengers or any of the crew raised their voice or got angry with the little one. Indeed, they did everything to cuddle and comfort him for the duration of the flight.

This is the wonderful scene that Braysen’s parents witnessed, travelling on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston, USA. To tell about the incident was the child’s mother, Lori Gabriel, amazed and happy with such unexpected kindness and understanding.

“Braysen had taken off his seat belt just before the plane took off, saying he wanted to sit on the floor. It was impossible to keep him still: neither I nor his father Gabriel managed to keep him still. When we were able to sit him back, he started kicking, screaming and waving his arms.”

“Everyone in the first class was kind to him, asking for his name, showing him pictures on their phones. The flight attendants kept asking us if we needed anything, making sure everyone took care of him,” his father said. Finally, before getting off, an assistant hugged Braysen and gave them a note that said: “You and your family are loved and supported. Don’t let anyone make you feel a burden, but just a blessing”.