Blocked nose, sneezing, breathing discomfort. And then, if the situation worsens, fever and muscle pain. The cold, faced in the right way, is a mild illness that usually resolves in a few days: it does not need any treatment with antibiotics and sometimes it is not even necessary to buy those  medicines  that appear as “miraculous”, for the blocked nose or for the enlarged throat. And instead at the end of the day they are of no use.

In fact, there are some excellent natural remedies that can prevent , and therefore avoid, this type of seasonal ailments. At no cost.


With the help of experienced doctors we have prepared the most effective natural remedies for you.

  • Wash your hands. Don’t fall into the obsession of always standing in front of a sink to lather your hands. But keep in mind that washing them well and often, during the winter, is the first rule of prevention against colds. And it works like a clock.
  • Watch out for sneezing. Keep in mind that the “fluxes” carried by a sneeze travel at a record speed of 150 kilometres per hour. Rockets. Difficult to avoid, for example, when you go to very crowded places, like a supermarket or a cinema. The simplest solution, without obsessions, is only one: staying at a distance from a person affected by a cold.
  • Don’t underestimate the water. It is a primary good, and also very valuable for preventing colds. You have to drink during the day. In fact, water eliminates toxins and re-hydrates, which is necessary especially after sweating. On the quantity consider a couple of litres of water a day, bearing in mind that, of course, fruits and vegetables also contain water.
  • Drink juice every morning. Thanks to the powerful action of vitamin C the citrus juice in the morning, at room temperature, is an excellent natural remedy to strengthen our immune defences. Try to get into the habit of drinking it all year round, perhaps alternating it with a centrifuge of carrots. And a recommendation: squeeze the oranges when you consume them. An alternative to oranges is represented by kiwi and pineapple.
  • Fruit and vegetables. Together, they represent the best form of food prevention against colds, fever and flu. Excellent broccoli , spinach, cauliflower. But also potatoes, pumpkins, carrots and tomatoes. Avoid over-prolonged cooking because the vitamins are water-soluble, and it is even better if you manage to consume the vegetables with an addition of lemon. Fruits and vegetables guarantee the contribution of beta-carotene, which is essential for keeping the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract healthy. And prevent colds.
  • Clean the house. Here too, no exaggerations, but a special care for the winter. Cleaning the house well, especially the bedrooms, means removing the viruses that can live 8-12 hours on hard surfaces.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. Sleep remains always the first human medicine. And the rule also applies to the flu: time depends on our body and our metabolism. But in general, seven hours of sleep is a good average.
  • Broth at the table. Especially chicken and then chicken. Very warm, the evening is particularly effective: if you want, add some tortellini or homemade pasta.
  • Honey instead of sugar. Always choose honey instead of sugar. And to avoid the flu, do it by dissolving it in hot drinks, tea and chocolate. Very effective.
  • What to do at the first symptoms. If the first symptoms of a cold come, with a few lines of fever, cough , stranger and a feeling of exhaustion, do not challenge your health. Take a day off, pass it in the heat, use aspirin if anything in the evening, and you will see that in 24 hours everything will be over.
  • Cover yourself up. The passing seasons, from the big heat to the big cold, are the riskiest ones for the flu. It is better to choose suitable clothes, and take note that by now the summer is long over. So you have to cover yourself, and if anything get undressed if you have a feeling of excessive heat.
  • No to temperature changes. The cold almost always does not come from excessive cold, but due to temperature changes. Especially between the inside and the outside, between the house where you live and the way you need to go to get to the workplace. Excessive temperature changes put pressure on our immune system and open the door to colds. To prevent it, just avoid these rapid temperature changes.
  • Gymnastics also against the flu. Physical exercise is considered by all doctors to be an excellent form of flu prevention. Don’t give up for any reason, and get into the habit of doing it regularly. You will not regret it.