From the 6th month the weaning accelerates: after the first fruit, here is the first jelly instead of the midday milk. It starts with the rice cream with vegetable broth of a single vegetable to gradually add the vegetables and, finally, the meat.

baby first meal

Vegetable broth and rice cream

After introducing the fruit and after the baby has accepted the spoon, you can start giving the first vegetable broth, which will be the basis for all the other baby foods. Initially it will be made with carrot, potato, courgette or pumpkin. Cereals will be added, in this first phase rice, corn or tapioca flours because they do not contain gluten (a protein found in wheat and its derivatives) that it is better not to introduce too early. To these ingredients must be added the extra virgin olive oil, the most suitable vegetable fat because it is easily digestible, and the Parmesan.

New vegetables and finally meat

Gradually, other vegetables are added to the broth, one at a time (fennel, celery, onions, herbs), a few of these pureed vegetables are added to the gluten-free cereal cream (always one at a time to check for intolerances). Finally, the meat is proposed. It is good to start with white meats, which are more tender and lean, easily digestible, such as rabbit, turkey, lamb, and chicken, only to be red meat later. In the early days it is good to use baby food or meat freeze-dried, easily digestible foods because they are well fragmented and safe even as far as their origin is concerned. Pureed foods in the home mixer are less digestible because they incorporate air and are less susceptible to gastric juices.

The rejection of novelties

Also in this second phase it is important not to worry if the child seems to eat less than what is expected in the weaning tables and manuals. And it is even more important not to force the intake of a food that the child does not like just because it is important from a nutritional point of view. Regardless of the time taken and the effort made to prepare a meal, if the child does not open his mouth and turns away, the right thing to do is … surrender. And try again at the next meal.