The arrest of a suspect of murder on charges of voluntary murder was carried out yesterday afternoon against a 23-year-old from Castellana Grotte who – according to investigators – would be the mother of the abandoned baby girl born on a beach in Monopoli last February 15 and who died a few hours later while still in the sand.

The body of the child was found on 16 February, hidden under sand and gravel on the coast of Monopoli, in the Cala Monaci area, by some German tourists. “I didn’t know how to do it,” the 23-year-old, who had been detained yesterday, told the investigators at the Monopoli Commissariat.

The girl, who in the next hours will be subjected to interrogation of validation before a judge, is called Lidia Rubino and is a beautician. Currently detained in the prison of Trani, she was subjected to detention because the Bari investigators feared – as emerged from the investigations still in progress – that she would go out of the national territory, making herself untraceable.

She was born in full health, renamed Chiaraluna. The baby girl died last February 15th after being born and abandoned on a beach in Monopoli. Chiaraluna is the name given to the child by the police officers who had collected her little body, after the alarm given by the tourists who had found the small, dead body, covered with gravel and sand. According to the autopsy performed by the coroner Francesco Introna, the cold and sea water would have contributed to the death of the newborn.

In the hours following the birth, the newborn – as far as was known – would have experienced three traumatic moments but only the outcome of the examinations will confirm the exact cause of death. The investigations up to this point have also ascertained that the young mother was not alone that evening. The investigators of the Commissariat of Monopoli, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Bari, are in fact continuing the investigations also to identify who was with her helping her give birth, and then abandon the child among the rocks.