Becoming a family is not easy at all. And the hope of new parents is always the same: to be able to sleep undisturbed at least a few hours a night! Hahaha! Funny right?

And if the bad news is that this can realistically never happen in the first months of the birth of a child, known to be the most difficult and demanding, parents should still put their souls in peace and arm themselves with good patience. According to a new study by researchers at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, sleep deprivation could be extended up to six years after the birth of the first child!!!

adorable-baby-born-sleep In fact, the research, in addition to having highlighted how thousands of new parents have a significant reduction in sleep up to three months after the birth of their child, it also suggests that as the child grows, their nightly rest was not the same, at least for the six years later.

“We did not expect that the effects of the birth of a child on sleep could last for the next six years, but we believe that there are many changes in the responsibilities that one has when one becomes a parent,” explained research co-author Sakari Lemola, stressing that while newborns may eventually stop crying during the night, as they grow they can wake up, have nightmares, or get sick and the stress of being parents can further contribute to sleep influence.

“Sleep deprivation can be exhausting both physically and emotionally,” Cathol Finlay, a prenatal teacher with the National Childbirth Trust told the Guardian. “We must try to accept the help of family and friends when it is offered,” the expert explained, also advising them to take advantage of the children’s naps to rest and establish “shifts” to do during the night with the partner. “Sleep deprivation can be difficult and exhausting, but let’s remember that it will not last forever.”

Get ready new mums and dads! Good luck!