In the absence of an adequate number of processors built with production technology at 14 nanometers compared to market demand, and while waiting for the 10 nanometer production capacity to be fully realized, Intel has chosen to resurrect an entry level family processor from the past Pentium to meet the demand of OEM manufacturers.

The Pentium G3420 processor should have been completely out of the scene on November 26th, but Intel has chosen to reintroduce it into its CPU offering with a new Product Change Notification (PCN) document dated December 5th.

This last document indicates dates of May 26, 2020 as the last one accessible to Intel partners to order samples of these processors. For their delivery, the deadline is 3 December 2020 . Intel therefore extended the availability of this processor, which is built with 22-nanometer production technology and is based on Haswell architecture, by 1 year .

The initial debut of this processor dates back to the third quarter of 2013; it is based on a dual core architecture without HyperThreading technology , with a clock frequency of 3.2 GHz and a 3 Mbytes cache. The TDP is equal to 53 Watts, the integrated GPU the fourth-generation Intel HD Graphics while the integrated dual channel controller is compatible with DDR3-1600 memories.

A processor of this type is certainly not up to the most recent entry level proposals currently available on the market. It is evident that its extended availability over time is linked to the demand from Intel customers to configure desktop systems destined for the entry level segment of the market .