This recipe is a go-to in our household when we do not know what to cook, or we have absolutely no time to cook something elaborate. A simple yet tasty recipe and we love to eat it with Maltese bread.
Surprisingly filling and very easy to prepare. All you need is planty tomatoes and eggs! Recipe is in both English and Maltese for everyone to be able to read it and ultimately cook it!
So here goes the recipe…
Balbuljata, Unravel Malta


  • 2 small onions finely chopped (2 basliet żgħar imqattgħin irqaq)
  • 2 garlic cloves crushed (2 sinniet tewm midħuna)
  • 4 tomatoes chopped (4 tadamiet imqatta’)
  • 1 tablespoon of parsley and/or mint (mgħarfa tursin jew minta)
  • 6 eggs lightly beaten (6 bajdiet imħabbta)
  • Olive oil and seasoning (żejt taż-żebbuġa, melħ u bżar)
  • Serve with crusty bread (ħobż tal-Malti)


  1. In a frying pan, fry the onion until softened (about 5 minutes). Ġo taġen qalli l-basal sakemm jirtab. 
  2. Add the garlic and fry for 1 minute. Żid it-tewm u qalli għal madwar minuta. 
  3. Add in the tomatoes and fry for 3 or so minutes until softened. Żid it-tadam u qalli għal madwar 3 minuti sakemm jirtab. 
  4. Mix in the herbs and eggs. Fry for a few minutes. Ħallat miegħu il-ħwawar u l-bajd. Qalli għal ftit minuti sakemm isir il-bajd. 
  5. Season and serve with crusty bread. Żid bżar u melħ skont il-gosti tiegħek u servi ma’ ftit ħobż Malti.