A yummy, versatile, and healthy option for snacks that kids will enjoy using ingredients you probably already have on hand.

My kids eat lots of fruits and vegetables for snacks throughout the day, but sometimes we like to switch it up a bit.  So, of course, I hit up Pinterest to find some ideas, and I came across a picture for banana, cereal, and peanut butter treats.  There was no link connected to the picture, but it looked easy enough to try out on my own.


  • 2 Bananas
  • Peanut butter
  • 1 cup Cereal


  • First peel the bananas and cut them into thirds.
  • Then dump some cereal onto your wax paper, smear the bananas in peanut butter, and roll the peanut butter bananas in the cereal. That’s it! You’re done!
  • And there are TONS of variations you could use on this snack.