Time for holidays and outdoor meals, the barbecue is a tradition but you have to be careful. When you make a barbecue in fact the cooking of the meat can cause the formation of carcinogenic substances: the American Institute for Cancer Research remembers warns, according to which with some tricks it is possible to reduce the risks.

“Several studies have shown that a diet rich in red meat and processed increases the risk of colon cancer – explains Alice Bender, Senior Director of Nutrition Programs of the institute – and grilling meat, both white and red, at high temperatures forms substances strongly carcinogens.”

The first advice of the experts is to grill different types of food, not only red meat but also white meat, fish and vegetables. Even the marinade, the decalogue continues, helps to reduce the risks. Alternating meat and vegetables on a kebab stick, experts still warn, decreases the area exposed to the flame and is therefore healthier.

Herbs and spices, are very useful because they contain antioxidants. The other advice is to limit exposure to smoke, and also clean the grids well to eliminate the residues that remain attached that have the highest concentration of carcinogens. Another trick is to reduce the cooking time. It is good to choose charcoal from hardwoods, which burn at lower temperatures. Leaner meats should also be chosen, or fat removed. Finally, meat must be turned often, a procedure that reduces risks.