After sixty years of history, Barbie continues to amaze, to be current and to represent in a more and more realistic way the world that surrounds it. The Barbie Fashionista line proposes new types of dolls: blondes, tall, low, lean, curvy, but also on wheelchairs and with prosthetic legs. All this to highlight the different types of physicality and even disability.

“We will present a doll in a wheelchair and one with a physical disability, that is, with a prosthetic leg,” explained Kim Culmone, vice president of Barbie Design, Mattel. “There will also be dolls with different body sizes, but the one on the wheelchair has been one of the most requested items by our consumers”.

Barbie more and more inclusive
Image: TGCOM24

For this project, Mattel worked with disabled people to rearrange wheelchairs and prosthetics in the most correct and realistic way possible. “To represent diversity and disability”, adds Culmone, “it is very important: it is about including every aspect of life, without excluding anything”. For people with certain types of disability, seeing a Barbie that look like them can be a really positive thing and many studies have shown that the appearance of a doll can affect who plays with it.

These new dolls will be available starting in June. Kudos for the initiative! Everyone should follow suit!