The intention of those who created it might probably solve the doubt of those who do not know how to choose between wine and beer. We are talking about a wine whose taste would be very similar to that of Belgian beers. However, we must observe that if one does not like wine and prefers beer, there is nothing wrong with it and would do well to drink the second.

The 49-year-old Filip Decroix, with long experience in wine production, spent many months developing the formula of his “Steenstraetse Hoppewijn”, a sparkling wine with a taste similar to beer, created by combining Chardonnay with Belgian hops, in the intent to create a wine that meets the tastes of the Belgians, famous for their beers. This required numerous experiments to understand the ingredients to be used and their proportions. But apparently, even the temperature at which they are mixed plays an important role.

wine beerDecroix already has 5,000 bottles ready, but destined exclusively for locals and retailers in its area, and has already put 8,000 bottles into production, sure of the success of its idea. “I often hear the Don Quixote of the wine, but this time I have a winner”,  he told reporters. That of wine that tastes like beer is not in fact the first unusual idea of ​​Decroix: some time ago he had launched a wine with carnation seeds, which however had a limited success.