These days, with the Coronavirus emergency continuing to be a reality to be fought, the whole world has had to profoundly change its habits , one way or another. Among the many people who are suffering the consequences of the pandemic, there are certainly older people , who are more exposed to the risk of infection.

The nursing homes have become among the most endangered places, with way too big numbers. In Brussels , Belgium, to make the period less difficult for patients, they were allowed to review their family members . However, having to enforce safety distances, a crane rental company has decided to make these vehicles available to visitors in order to see their loved ones again.
Image: Websource

In Belgium, a company that rents glass cleaning cranes has decided to make a special gift to some patients in a retirement home. To allow them to see their loved ones again, they lent their family members the means of work . These, going over it, were able to talk to the elders for a few minutes.

However, keeping the safety distances , such a moment was certainly helpful, considering the terrible moment that especially the older people are living. The president of the company explained the initiative: ” A couple of weeks ago, passing in front of a nursing home, I saw a person greeting the mother from the window ” explains the manager , who continues: ” Then I thought of helping these people , making our cranes available “