The snowflakes were the first thing that little Agostino saw. He was born in the churchyard of the church of Val Brembilla, in the Bergamo area.

shallow focus photography of baby wearing white diaper lying

The parents did not manage to get to the hospital in time, the contractions were too strong and the road was shabby due to bad weather. So the father decided not to continue and to help his wife to give birth.

The family left home at 7 am to accompany their two oldest daughters to the nursery school before running to the hospital. But the mother, 40, was in the grip of increasingly strong pains and so the father decided to stop in front of the church and call for help. Following the instructions of the doctors, the man helped his wife until the arrival of the ambulance . 

Agostino, born under the snow, is now in the nursery of the Papa Giovanni hospital in Bergamo. Soon he will return home, ready to be hugged by the two little sisters.