The Acting Director General of Consumer Affairs issued a notice about Kevin Sciberras from the Digital Eye company that did not provide married couples who he took photos of with their wedding material after it was paid.

He was caught doing this four times. The notice was issued pursuant to Section 8 of the Consumer Affairs Act (Cap. 378) after Sciberras failed to honor several decisions given by the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

In the first case, the Tribunal granted the consumer’s claim and ordered Sciberras to pay the sum of € 1,200 after he failed to provide the applicant with the final and edited product of videos, photographs and DVDs of the wedding.

In the second case, he was ordered to return the sum of € 600 to the couple who had paid him a deposit for their wedding photography services.

In the third case, the Tribunal ordered Sciberras to pay the couple the sum of € 1,300; with € 1,000 of them for failing to honor the agreement he had with the couple for photography services for their wedding, and another € 300 in moral damages.

In the fourth case, Sciberras was then ordered to give the couple the pen-drive and the video of their wedding within a week of the date of the decision, and if he failed to do so, he would have to pay € 400 to the couple.

In those four rulings, the Consumer Claims Tribunal also ruled that Kevin Sciberras should be ordered to pay the costs.