The dog bites her and 3 limbs are amputated.  Christine Caron, 55, from Ottawa, Canada, was playing with her four Shih Tzu dogs when one of them bit her in the heat of the game.

The woman went to the hospital to get medical treatment but after 6 days she started experiencing symptoms similar to those of a flu. During the night her condition worsened until she passed out. Her loved ones called the ambulance and the woman was hospitalised in intensive care for 3 weeks in which she was in a coma due to a bad sepsis. The doctors thought it necessary to save her life by amputating both her legs and her right arm.

“I was just playing with my dogs ​​in the garden when one of them accidentally bit me. I didn’t think it would be a problem because I cleaned the wound up immediately and it didn’t get infected,” the woman said. Later, however, she began to feel bad and from that moment she doesn’t remember anything. The doctors explained that an animal bite can cause an infection as it allows the bacteria in their mouth to penetrate deep into the skin. Christine is much better today and despite the bad mishap she said she was happy to still be alive.