What an unbearable guest!

On Facebook, the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office shared a picture of a black bear caught snuggling on the top shelf of a closet in a Montana home.

Authorities said the bear opened the door to the mudroom and somehow managed to deadbolt the door from the inside. When he realized he couldn’t get back out, officials said the bear ripped the room apart before settling down for a nap.

“When deputies knocked on the window, the bear was not the least bit impressed. He slowly stretched, yawned and, unamused, looked toward the door. Eventually, deputies were able to unlock the door in hopes he would hop down and leave. However, their attempts were only met with more big bear yawns,” the sheriff’s office said.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks showed up to help tranquilise and relocate the bear. Officials said the furry intruder served as a good reminder for people to keep their windows and doors locked.

Source: Inside Edition