The American company Boeing confessed to software defects installed on the new-generation Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The aircraft manufacturer recognised for the first time technical problems related to the anti-stall system (Mcas), specifically developed on Max aircraft, such as the one present in the aircraft involved in the last two aircraft crashes that caused the death of 346 people.

“Boeing made corrections to the 737 Max flight simulation software and provided additional information to the aircraft operators to ensure that the simulator experience is representative of different flight conditions,” the US company said in a press release sent to France Presse Agency (Afp).


As reported by the French news agency, Boeing did not give further details regarding the date of actual identification of the error in the flight software, nor if it had communicated the mistake found to the flight companies operating on the carrier 737 Max.

Boeing has, however, declared that in the tests carried out in recent weeks, the simulations were not able to reproduce all the flight conditions, thus leaving a shadow on the cockpit operations in the last minutes before the Boeing flight tragedy 737 Max 8 of the Ethiopian airline, Ethiopean Airlines, crashed over the roofs of the houses in Addis Ababa.

The aircraft manufacturer wanted to reassure its customers by announcing the introduction of some modifications that will improve the training of pilots. We are working “in close contact with system manufacturers and regulatory bodies on these changes and improvements to ensure that training (of pilots) by (companies) clients is not interrupted” .

The anomaly identified in the anti-stall software has forced the Boeing company to admit a defect in the design of the 737 Max equipment, after claiming that the plane crashes that occurred in recent months could not be linked to a problem of the carriers’ factory, but perhaps more to human errors than the pilots.