The thought of losing one child is unimaginable. So just imagine losing two of your three children in a car crash.

The unthinkable happened to Trista Curry when she got in a car accident with all three of her children. When her vehicle collided with a semi-trailer during a blizzard her 9 year old son, Camden, and 19-month-old son, Maxwell, were killed instantly.


Curry and her 3-year-old daughter, Avalon, survived, but with horrific injuries. Leaving the hospital without her sons was difficult for the mother, who didn’t think she wanted any more children after recovering.

Much to her surprise, she became pregnant three months later with twin girls. While she didn’t know if she could love again, she said she fell in love with the girls instantly after they were born.

To honour the sons she lost, she gave each of the twins one of boy’s names as a middle name: Isla Camden and Eloise Maxwell.

We pray the memory of her boys live on through her newborn daughters.