An insider told People about the reasons that led Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk to split up. And no, Lady Gaga would not be among them, despite what the romantics imagine.

The tabloid that first revealed the separation between the Hollywood star and the super top model focuses on the reasons for the separation. “Irina is not focused on fame, she just wants to protect her family. Bradley, on the other hand, takes in a lot of work. Right now he’s focused on his career”, says a source to People, a few days after the Shayk was photographed, suitcases in tow, outside his villa in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

In the last year, Irina and Bradley would have lived separate lives. Two years after the birth of little Lea, they would have realised that they had to make a change in their relationship. And when it didn’t arrive, they decided to end it. To separate them, in addition to ambitions, also the respective professions: “They lived completely separate lives. If she was in Los Angeles, he was out of town. And vice versa”.

There would have been an attempt by Cooper to save the story with Irina. After shooting the film A star is born, and especially after the gossip that they saw him too close to Lady Gaga, Bradley would have managed to slow his pace: “At the end of the awards season, Cooper managed to slow down and focus on your family”. Unfortunately it was not enough, Irina and Bradley had already drifted apart. The two are now pressing to keep their child safe from the consequences of separation: “Separating is less important than raising a child together”. A new love, therefore, would not be contemplated.