The Brazilian Supreme Court reached a majority of six votes in favour of the proposal to make homophobia a criminal offense like racism. The trial has been suspended and will resume on 5th June.

With the decision – the local observers point out – the Court is sanctioning the failure of the Congress to approve a law on the matter, establishing that the already existing crime of racism is extended to cases of aggression towards the LGBT community until the legislation passes even in Parliament.

Leading the matter in front of the Stf have been various, political and otherwise, including the Socialist People’s Party (PPS) and the Brazilian Association of gays, lesbians and transgenders (Abglt). According to these entities, the discrimination of the LGBT community in society has prevented its members from freely exercising their rights.

Revelers kiss during the annual gay pride parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, June 3, 2018. (ANSA/AP Photo/Nelson Antoine) [CopyrightNotice: Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.]