Did you know that skipping breakfast increases nervous hunger, slows down your metabolism and can lead to weight gain? An abundant and nutritious breakfast, on the other hand, allows the body to stay fit and healthy and reduces the risk of heart attack and obesity by 27 percent.


The regularity of meal times, starting with breakfast, is essential to sustain our heart and to have a healthy lifestyle. The American Heart Association confirms it clearly, which also underlines a statistic data of great importance. Those who do not have breakfast regularly, and perhaps start the day fast and running, have an increased cardiovascular risk (from heart attack to stroke) and obesity by 27 percent. And it is good that this good habit start in childhood.

How to make a proper breakfast is one of the questions we ask ourselves most often. In fact, we know how important this first morning meal is, but we still do not know exactly how to balance it so that it is not unbalanced from a nutritional point of view. The breakfast is the first and one of the most important meals of the day: it in fact provides the energy you need for the most of the activities throughout the day. Important for adults and essential for children, it should never be skipped.


Not eating breakfast increases nervous hunger and the desire to eat during the morning and this involves weight gain, slows the metabolism and burdens digestion. Drinking a coffee on an empty stomach causes gastric hyper-secretion that can irritate the apparatus digestive tract causing gastritis and esophageal reflux. On the contrary, having an abundant and nutritious breakfast allows the body to keep fit and healthy.


Here then are the mistakes not to make the morning as soon as awake:

  • Skip breakfast. Try setting the alarm to have some time for breakfast only.
  • Have a too poor breakfast. Eating only one fruit or one or two cookies is not healthy at all. For a healthy and nutritious breakfast, eat seasonal fruit and also add milk or yogurt, whole grains, honey or jam, even better if prepared at home in a healthy way and with genuine ingredients. The cereals also contain fibers that increase the sense of satiety and help the intestinal functions.
  • Consume foods rich in sugar. This does not mean that you have to completely renounce to a croissant or a slice of chocolate cake. The important thing is to make this exception only from time to time and do not overdo the quantities. Not to mention that having breakfast with too much fat and caloric foods leads to a peak in blood sugar which then collapses making the sense of hunger return. Attention also to packaged fruit juices, which are also rich in sugars.
  • Eat too quickly or have breakfast too late in the morning. In both cases it is a mistake not to be done: it is important to have breakfast calmly and within one hour of awakening so as to ensure the necessary energy and avoid increasing the sense of hunger.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Finally, a tip: drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. This will allow you to cleanse the body and keep it hydrated. A simple but important gesture for your well-being and your health.