This Brexit is driving many up the wall… some want, some don’t … some just feel the need to protest in the most original of ways… Former minister Boris Johnson’s television presenter and sister did just that – she took off her blouse during an episode of the program that leads “to draw attention” to Brexit and current political chaos. Her gesture became viral in a short time!

She is a well-known British television journalist and sister of former minister Boris Johnson. Rachel Johnson has decided to stage, during an episode of a talk show of  SkyNews, a striptease to draw attention to the Brexit. But the attention of tabloids and various media, in fact, has focused more on her gesture and the video of her “protest striptease” has become viral.


Rachel Johnson is co-host of the talk show ‘The Pledge’, a sort of round table in which several journalists discuss current events. Johnson – contrary to the divorce from the EU unlike her brother Boris, who is instead one of the paladins – began by saying: “I know how difficult it can be to make your voice heard about Brexit nowadays”. This in the light of a debate that she had come to talk “at a point of saturation” against the background of the political and negotiating chaos in progress.

To do so, she decided to imitate the improvised protest a couple of weeks ago by the anti Brexit activist and Cambridge professor Victoria Bateman at the BBC. Like her, she undressed, leaving colleagues seemingly embarrassed by the gesture. In reality, an opaque band was already ready to screen the breasts of the presenter, which is why we have not seen much. Especially since, as she revealed herself later on Twitter, the breasts were covered with a neutral colored top. But the provocation, albeit organised, has however aroused a lot of interest.