We all remember the saga around the new IVF policies in Malta. It was a hard battle, with the church getting involved an all. Words were spoken, and people were hurt profoundly. Few can understand the ordeal couples go through, and how hard it is to succeed. Brigitte Nielsen knows something about it…

Brigitte Nielsen
Image: TGCOM24

In an interview with the Guardian, Brigitte Nielsen recounted the long journey to become a mother at age 54, including failed attempts with artificial insemination. The Danish actress confessed: “It was exhausting and complicated”. Adding: “I have always said: I try until the last remaining embryo, someone must win this lottery”.

“It takes a lot of money and effort, especially at this age. The hormones react differently depending on each woman and when you hear the phone say ‘I’m sorry’ feel destroyed,” Nielsen told the British newspaper. But the actress reveals that she never gave up: “I had only 2.5% chance, at least that’s what the doctors told me. I had been immediately warned: ‘Wait at least twenty-seven weeks before telling friends and relatives ‘The risk was too high”.

The former partner of Sylvester Stallone, who already had four sons (Julian Winding, Killian Marcus Nielsen, Raoul Ayrton Meyer Jr., Douglas Aaron Meyer) had felt the desire to have the first child with the current husband, the Italian producer Mattia Dessi with whom she has been married since 2005. Brigitte did not say anything to anyone until the seventh month (not even her mother): “Someone told me that I would be ridiculous to do something like this at my age, but this is my life,” she explained.

So to all of you struggling out there – Never give up!