When the need hits home, you just have to! It appears like there has been a bout of sexual activity happening regularly at Kennedy Grove parks in St Paul’s Bay. It is being said that the couples are foreign (Maltese couples might prefer the inside to the open air!). These couples are waiting for sundown (almenu!) to go and lose themselves and their clothes by the trees for some open-air action!

Some seem to never have enough and actually spend all day there waiting for the sun to go down and getting jiggy with it! What’s more is that we usually expect certain things to happen with young couples with no care for the world; yet it looks like it’s not only the young but even adult couples have been getting pretty busy in the same area!

Now, to be honest… even though we know that this is something illegal and should not be happening in the open… who has been observing this happening so late in the evening?!

kennedy grove