The owner of a Beijing company ended up in the eye of the hurricane after the images of an unusual rule of his company began to circulate on the net: in fact, to improve team spirit, all female employees must queue every morning and give him a kiss on the lips. According to the owner, this would strengthen corporate culture and improve relationships between employees and managers.

According to reports in the newspapers , the women initially were understandably reluctant to face this idea of ​​the owner, but in the end they agreed to kiss their boss every morning, in fear of losing their job. Only two of the company’s female employees refused, choosing to quit instead.

Image taken from video before it was taken down

The name of the owner or the company has not been disclosed, although it seems that it produces spinning plants and that about half of the employees are women. Faced with pressures from journalists, the man said that the idea came after a visit to some companies in the United States, and insisted that the kiss has nothing erotic about it, but only has the purpose of improving relationships among colleagues, which he believes would be excellent thanks to this new business practice.

As it is easy to imagine, the man’s explanations have not been enough for many commentators on social media, who consider it as a huge lack of respect for women and their work. But there are also numerous criticisms of the employees, guilty of having accepted to undergo this practice and of not having had enough courage to seek, at the limit, another job.