Normally, our mistakes cause us money… we must be really unlucky when you see what happened to a Michigan woman. She won a $100,400 Powerball award swith a lottery ticket she says she bought by mistake!

Linda Keyanchuk, 64, of Westland, played through the site of the lottery of Michigan and has guessed the numbers of Powerball draws for two, winning two prizes of $50,000, and even matched that four “three”, winning another $400.


The woman said that she did not intend to buy more tickets for the same draw. Apparently the woman intended to repeat the same play for different extractions. “I did not realise my mistake until the next afternoon when I logged into my Lottery account and saw that I had won over $ 100,000.” “People like me do not make money this way. It’s unreal!”, said the woman.

When Keyanchuk visited the lottery headquarters to withdraw his prize, she stated that she intends to use some money won to pay for a vacation. And who wouldn’t?!