Calpol is one of a number of items people have been stockpiling in response to coronavirus (COVID-19), and while for many people it’s been annoying to find items out of stock, for others, the shortage of items has triggered great concern.

Parents have taken to social media to report their struggle to get hold of Calpol for their children who are currently poorly. Calpol released a statement on its website reading: “We understand that the ongoing uncertainty around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is extremely concerning for everyone. We urge people to closely monitor the situation and follow the advice provided by health experts and the guidance given by the government and public health authorities. We are currently experiencing exceptional demand for Calpol products, and as a result you may notice temporary shortages of some Calpol products in stores. We are working hard to meet this increased demand and make sure Calpol products remain available for everyone who wants them.”