Tragedy in Catania. A dad forgot his two-year-old son in the car for a whole morning. It happened in the city centre. The child died after a desperate race to the hospital, at the Policlinico of Catania.

The prosecutor of Catania Andrea Norzi has opened a file for manslaughter, as a due deed. According to a first police reconstruction, the man, a 43-year-old engineer and research fellow at the university, had boarded his car with his son around 8:00am this morning. He had to accompany him to the kindergarten. Around 13:00pm, instead, the call from his partner. The woman was at school at the time of exit but did not find the child and, alarmed, called her companion.

Only at that moment did the engineer realise that blackout. He had left the car parked in the university parking lot. Unfortunately, no one noticed the child locked in the car.

Dad went out into the street and found the child in the car, still in the seat. He helped his son but the child was already unconscious. The father started driving the car for a desperate race to the hospital but for the little one there was nothing to do.

The mother, a cardiologist at the hospital arrived in a panic. The police gave first aid. The mobile team is handling the case and is closely following the father of the child who immediately reported the incident to the investigators. There are no cameras in the parking area whichwould have been useful for reconstruction. Today in Catania the temperatures are between 30 and 35 degrees.