Tragedy at the Orpheus, he dies in the red light cinema while he sees...

Tragedy at the Orfeo cinema, a local restaurant on Via Maqueda, one of the last rooms in Sicily that show red light films and the only one left in Palermo. A 60-year-old man from...

Completely naked on a scooter, stopped by the police he says: “It’s too hot”

The infernal heat of these days is putting a strain on the European population. Not just physically. If a few days ago, the news of the man who completely closed himself naked in a fridge of the...

Mum suffocates her 8-year-old son with a pillow: “Demons told me”

She kills her 8-year-old son, then she justifies herself by saying that it was a demon who asked her. Tisha Sanchez, 30, suffocated her son Joevani Antonio Delapen, just 8 years old, with a pillow...

Record wave of heat in France, in Paris perceived up to 47 degrees

France is preparing for a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 40°C this week, most likely beating the June record. It is expected that temperatures will reach 35°C today and will rise further up to...

British judge ordered forced abortion for a 25-year-old woman with learning difficulties

The British judges backtracked and, after having ordered the forced abortion for a 25-year-old woman with learning difficulties in the 22nd week of pregnancy, accepted the appeal presented, in her name, by the woman's mother. The Court of Appeal has therefore ordered that the pregnancy...

Flight canceled due to the controllers’ strike

Flight canceled due to the controllers' strike, Ryanair sentenced to compensate nine friends... so the judge decided for a group of 9 passengers who will now receive 400 Euro each. The Palermo-Budapest flight of...

WATCH: Earthquake, evacuated a city in Australia

Some buildings in the center of Darwin, northern Australia, have been evacuated after the tremor of an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 recorded off Indonesia.  The international media report it. Several testimonies from the inhabitants of...

WATCH: Hail from horror movies in Modena

On Saturday 22nd June, 30 people ended up in the emergency room of the two hospitals of Modena, the Policlinico and the Baggiovara Civil Hospital, due to bruises caused by the violent hailstorm in...

Rome hit by an earthquake

An earthquake has hit the Rome region, luckily injuring no one. The tremor at 3.7 on the Richter scale was felt just before 11pm. No damage was reported.

Teacher’s remains found buried under Chinese school after 16 years

CNN reports how the remains of a teacher who disappeared more than 16 years ago in China have been found buried beneath the school he worked at, officials say. Deng Shiping had refused to approve...

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