Milan, two-year-old boy killed

Aliza Hrustic, the 25-year-old of Croatian origin accused of killing his son Mehmed, two years old, in Milan, will have to remain in prison. In fact, the investigating judge validated the arrest warrant asked by the...
Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa

Zambia, a nurse’s confession: “I swapped at least 5,000 babies”

In 12 years of work as a nurse in the Maternity ward of the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia, she has traded at least 5,000 children in her cribs. A practice that the woman,...

WATCH: A building collapses – two bodies have been found, one missing

Two lifeless bodies were extracted from the rubble of the building that collapsed this morning in Gorizia. The bodies were of the couple who lived upstairs. Firefighters confirm this. However, the disabled person who lives downstairs has not yet...

MH370 pilot ‘flew to 40,000ft to suffocate passengers before crashing plane’

The pilot of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 ‘deliberately depressurised the cabin’ in order to ‘slowly kill everyone on board’, experts claim. ‘Troubled and lonely’ captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah then crashed the plane into the Indian...

Budapest, a tourist boat sinks in the Danube: 7 dead and 21 missing

A South Korean tourist boat sank in the Danube on Wednesday evening in Budapest, after colliding with another ship upside down. Seven people died and 21 were missing. On board the boat there were 33...

Mum realises they’ve left autistic son at Greek airport when they land in UK

It was reported by Metro that a mother is seeking compensation after her sick son was taken off a flight without telling her. Nicola Purdy, 48, returned to Cardiff last week from a TUI holiday in...

Completely naked on a scooter, stopped by the police he says: “It’s too hot”

The infernal heat of these days is putting a strain on the European population. Not just physically. If a few days ago, the news of the man who completely closed himself naked in a fridge of the...

No more crosses in cemeteries: “They offend other religions”

Whilst we battle the issue of whether there should be crosses and other religious symbols in hospitals, schools and other public places... In Bologna protests broke out. after an initiative was launched in Pieve...
firefighters in paris

Six firemen heroes of Notre Dame accused of raping a Norwegian student

From the altar (of Notre Dame) to the dust: six Paris firefighters proclaimed "heroes" for having dealt with the fire of the cathedral of Paris ended up under investigation after being accused of having raped a girl...

‘Child rapist’ dies after his testicles were chopped off by vigilantes

A man who allegedly raped a schoolgirl has died after being set upon by an angry mob. The unidentified suspect is believed to have been part of a gang who took part in the...

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