MH370 Found

Has flight MH370 been found?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which vanished in 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing might have been finally found! The crash site of the flight MH370 is “99 percent likely” to have been found...
michael jackson

BBC bans Michael Jackson songs in anticipation of the documentary “Leaving Neverland”

Michael Jackson's music has been banned from BBC Radio 2 due to the upcoming release of a documentary "Leaving Neverland" exposing his alleged sex crimes. According to The Sunday Times (UK) the decision was made...

Xiaomi – The Apple of China to invade Europe

Xiaomi is proving more and more interested in the European market, rewarding the trust of their loyal customers that in Europe are allowing it to grow rapidly. Precisely for this reason, the Chinese company...

Barbie more and more inclusive, now also on the wheelchair and with a prosthetic...

After sixty years of history, Barbie continues to amaze, to be current and to represent in a more and more realistic way the world that surrounds it. The Barbie Fashionista line proposes new types of...
Computer coding

Russia will experience isolation from the global Internet – Cyber-war testing

The Russian Federation is ready to experience the isolation from the global internet as part of a defense policy in the event of a cyber-war in which foreign powers decide to opt for digital isolation of Moscow. The BBC...
Two nuns

Two nuns with a gambling habit steal money to play in Las Vegas

The saying goes that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... but apparently this is not always the case! In fact, what two nuns did to go play in Vegas has surfaced out in...
Bergamo – Baby born under the snow in front of the church square

Bergamo – Baby born under the snow in front of the church square

The snowflakes were the first thing that little Agostino saw. He was born in the churchyard of the church of Val Brembilla, in the Bergamo area. The parents did not manage to get to the hospital...
Record frost wave hits the US

Record frost wave hits the US

Heater on and cup of tea at hand, and we complain that the weather on this tiny island has been too harsh on us this winter. Today, we woke up to a bright and...
Time Traveller 2030

Time traveller from 2030

Noah the 'Time Traveller' claims to live in the year 2030, and he comes to us with some bad news for 52% of Brits, after claiming that he knows what is going to happen...
Modern Life Mowgli

Modern life Mowgli

Being a mother is no easy task, comes with absolutely no instructions... one of the worst nightmares for a mother is a lost child. A witness to this is the mother of Casey Hathaway,...

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