Tremors in Santa Margerita… but it ain’t an earthquake!

One of our followers has contacted us about tremors in Santa Margerita, Mosta. They happen often, almost every day, and if you're unfamiliar with them you might end up running for shelter! Yet it's not...
medical certificate

Changes concerning sickness certificates

As of today, the period of the disease the medical certificate to the Department of Social Security is extended by one week (seven days) for two weeks (14 days). Yippie! In a statement, the Ministry...
The victim: Christen Cachia. Image: Facebook

Roads claim another life – Burmarrad collision

Maltese road claim yet another life. This time the life of a white taxi driver after being involved in a head-on collision in Burmarrad. A 31-year old white-taxi driver from Safi, is reported to have...

Mgarr, Malta: A number of fields on fire

Fire swept through a wide range of fields adjacent to the Roman Baths Road Mgarr Malta. Residents reported that the fires spread like a glash of lightning, with members of the Civil Protection have difficulty...
Michela Pace. Image: Howard Keith Debono

Café de Paris gets ready for Michela!

London's biggest Eurovision party returns for 2019 and our Michela Pace will be a part of it! This will be the party's 12th year, returning to the iconic Café de Paris on Sunday 14th...
food delivery

Ban food delivery in stormy weather!

We can all see the havoc around our tiny island from yesterday's storm, which seems to e persisting. Everyone cosying inside, fireplaces on and whatnot. It's the weekend and nobody feels like cooking but...
President George Vella hospital visit

A surprise visit from President George Vella

After the ceremony which saw him become the 10th President of Malta, it felt like everything mellowed down and the hype was over. If we still had any doubts today of our new President's...

Cases of scabies in Birżebbuġa Primary School

Parents of students attending Birżebbuġa Primary school are being warned to be on alert after new cases of scabies emerged within the school. A letter was distributed to parents with this warning. Scabies is not...
Lonely Mothers Day Godfrey Marlene Farrugia

An invitation from Godfrey and Marlene Farrugia

When we started Unravel Malta, we vouched we wouldn't deal with politics, and please do not take this post as being political because it's nothing like that. This couple have been mocked and criticised by...
XFactor Malta

Who dominated XFactor Malta?

Oh yes! XFactor Malta was dominated alright! Michela Pace had been in the lead since week one of the live shows! As official results rolled in, one could clearly see she was destined to...

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