Air Malta to start travelling to Cairo again

From September 1st, Air Malta has started flying from Malta to Cairo on Thursdays and Sundays, and from Cairo to Malta on Fridays and Mondays. This after a twelve-year absence. The flights will continue throughout...

Don’t sleep on that bench!

Gone were the days when one could go walk by a public garden, sit down and maybe have a nap in the sun... let's admit it, we have all done something similar at least...

Great initiative by Maria Regina College

BE POSITIVE! An Arts Exhibition by Maria Regina College at Mater Dei Hospital (Foyer). Such a great initiative taken by this College in promoting positivity. And where better to do so then Mater Dei...

Free vaccines from family doctor, not just health centres, within coming weeks

We will be able to get free vaccine shots from our family doctor and not just the government health centres within the next few weeks. This has been announced by Health Minister Chris Fearne. Although...

Maltese music scene: 2 alternative bands, one tour

Recently, it was announced that two local bands, Fuzzhoneys and Eyes To Argus, will be teaming up for a short tour of the four of the UK's biggest cities. In fact, the two bands will be playing...
XFactor Malta

Who dominated XFactor Malta?

Oh yes! XFactor Malta was dominated alright! Michela Pace had been in the lead since week one of the live shows! As official results rolled in, one could clearly see she was destined to...

Have you seen these 3 kids?

Three children have been reported missing, a police statement read. The three children can be seen in the photo below. Their names are Janalise Camilleri, Vanessa Balog and Hayley Mamo. They were last seen around...

Major strikes at Mater Dei. How can this affect you?

A number of followers have complained with us that their hospital appointments were being cancelled as late as the same day of appointment, others on rehabilitation have been informed that no physiotherapy session are...

What’s going on in Mater Dei?

Well well well, we have already posted on file safety and whatnot (read here). Now we came across someone complaining about the messy situation going on with surgeries... and it wasn't a one-off complaint! It...

Strong winds alert!

On Facebook, a particular page shared a warning for high winds in the coming days. Have you heard about it?! Will this wind bring some relief from this heatwave? The warning days that we should...

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