malta book of records

A Carnival costume hits the Malta book of records

Carnival is not only about massive colourful floats, dancing and extravagant parties. When I think about Carnival, even though I am not a fan, what comes to mind is the workforce behind this festival....
Michela Pace. Image: Howard Keith Debono

Café de Paris gets ready for Michela!

London's biggest Eurovision party returns for 2019 and our Michela Pace will be a part of it! This will be the party's 12th year, returning to the iconic Café de Paris on Sunday 14th...
blood donation

Donate blood, donate life!

The Carnival holidays can be an opportunity to donate blood! Away from the Carnival folly there is the reality of people hospitalised and in need of a number of treatments, including blood transfusions. Faced with...

Msida: A fire leaves one dead and two hospitalised

An man died and two other persons were taken to hospital earlier this morning, after an apartment caught fire in Msida, close to the G.F. Abela Junior College. The incident took place at around 7.10am...
medical certificate

Changes concerning sickness certificates

As of today, the period of the disease the medical certificate to the Department of Social Security is extended by one week (seven days) for two weeks (14 days). Yippie! In a statement, the Ministry...
Teacher teaching

How stressful is the teacher’s job?

These are hard times for those who work in schools. It is an assertion that doesn't surprise anyone nowadays, given the countless cases of humiliation, violence and abuse that the school has as a scenario and that the...

Is free fish worth your life?

This inhabitants of this tiny island continue to amaze me! If they see something that screams FREE... then everybody wants it! Even when they do not need it. A good example is posting something...

Moooo! Cows on the loose!

This weather is bringing about all the absurdities one could think of! First it was the fish in the streets of Xemxija... and now this! Cows on the loose! Looks like this happened in...
food delivery

Ban food delivery in stormy weather!

We can all see the havoc around our tiny island from yesterday's storm, which seems to e persisting. Everyone cosying inside, fireplaces on and whatnot. It's the weekend and nobody feels like cooking but...
Holy host

Foreign competition tal-ostja! And no, we’re not swearing!

Looks like all kinds of businesses find it hard at some point to deal with foreign competition. The business of hosts (ostji) is not an exception to the rule! Communion hosts are produced by nuns...

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