H2Only water

Our drinking water is safe

After the warning published to the general public about the 'H2Only Purified Drinking Water', the supplier has assured the public that their water is safe to drink. In a statement, the Environmental Health Directorate said...
H2Only water

WARNING! This water might be contaminated!

A notice has come out from the Environmental Health Directorate about a possible contamination of water. The Environmental Health Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health is informing that following the necessary investigations carried out,...
Malta Court

Bomb threat in court this morning

It looks like the Maltese courts were under a bomb threat this morning. The Explosive Ordinance Disposal officials were on the spot to verify if the report is true. Apparently the call came at around 7:00am. Contrary to...
The new home leasing scheme

The new home leasing scheme

Everyone's heard about it, but do we know all the details? Well, to start with, the government will spend €5 million to help 1,800 low income households rent property in which they live. This will...
To uniform or not to uniform!

To uniform or not to uniform!

The uniform debate in Malta has been going on for a couple of years... it feels as if we reach a decision and then we move on to asking for opinions again. I mean,...
XFactor Malta

Who dominated XFactor Malta?

Oh yes! XFactor Malta was dominated alright! Michela Pace had been in the lead since week one of the live shows! As official results rolled in, one could clearly see she was destined to...
Michela Pace

Michela Pace wins XFactor Malta

Congratulations to Michela Pace for winning the first ever XFactor Malta. She will be representing Malta in Tel Aviv, Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. There is also a contract with Sony Music which will...
Malta Diving Dog

The Maltese diving dog dies

Everyone remembers Titti, the talented Jack Russel whose leaps from 12 foot high cliffs in synchronised dives with her owner Carmelo Abela because famous worldwide. Titti was around four months old when Mr Abela taught...
Paternal Leave Malta

A hiccup for the new 10-day paternity leave

That feeling when your enthusiasm is shot down by a non-believer, it be something which might sound as trivial as ghost hunting or the new 10-day paternity leave recommendation we talked about a few...
Petrol Station

Pump it up!

Looks like for the time being, the fuel pumps saga has come to a halt... is it temporary? We don't know, but for all we know, tonight you can pump it yourself again! It all...

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