Paternal Leave Malta

A hiccup for the new 10-day paternity leave

That feeling when your enthusiasm is shot down by a non-believer, it be something which might sound as trivial as ghost hunting or the new 10-day paternity leave recommendation we talked about a few...
Petrol Station

Pump it up!

Looks like for the time being, the fuel pumps saga has come to a halt... is it temporary? We don't know, but for all we know, tonight you can pump it yourself again! It all...
Xfactor Malta

Who will win XFactor Malta 2018-2019?

The final countdown has started and everyone is eager to watch the show tonight. All four final contestants are exceptionally good at what they do and they have all have come a long way......
Paternal Leave Malta

Parental leave can’t be important, right?

The Presidency of the Council and the European Parliament today reached a provisional agreement on certain key elements of the proposal for a directive on the equilibrium between work and life for parents and...
Giving fathers what they deserve - 10 days paternal leave

Giving fathers what they deserve

10 days of paternal leave..? Who wouldn't rejoice at the idea of having extra days of paid leave? I know I would! Let alone a father of a newborn! The mother of his child...

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