kennedy grove

BUS069 to Kennedy Grove!

When the need hits home, you just have to! It appears like there has been a bout of sexual activity happening regularly at Kennedy Grove parks in St Paul's Bay. It is being said...
fire engine

A number of vehicles on fire in Birkirkara

A Peugout caught fire in Triq il-Vittmi tal-Gwerra, Birkirkara. Consequently another two vehicles suffered damages - a Ford and a Nissan together with motorcycle. The cars caught fire close to the garage where a few...

Have you seen these 3 kids?

Three children have been reported missing, a police statement read. The three children can be seen in the photo below. Their names are Janalise Camilleri, Vanessa Balog and Hayley Mamo. They were last seen around...

Do you know whose boat this is? Share to find its owner!

A Facebook user has shared a plea to try and find the owner of a boat that seems to be sinking. If you recognise it and know who it belongs to, contact the owner. If...
accident mosta mgarr

Żabbar wakes up to the tragic news of the loss of two of them

Many people this morning woke up to the news of the death of two women who died late yesterday evening in a traffic accident. Both victims were identified as Graziella and Fallon Mallia. Both Żabbar...

This adorable 3-year-old will be competing in a local modelling show

This sweet little girl is raising awareness about inclusivity. Her name is Francesca Rausi, and she is a model with Down Syndrome. She will be competing in the Junior locality model contest, which will...

Prices keep going up silently

Whilst we keep hearing how good the economy, prices keep going up in silence... case in point something we came across this week. Let's start by saying that prescription drugs treat conditions and improve...

Remember Francesca Rausi?

Last week we talked to you about Francesca Rausi (Read article here). Today we have a comeback! And we are happy to say it's great news!!! Francesca Rausi, the cute 3 year old down syndrome...


In accordance with the Food Safety Act and Regulation (EC) No. 178 of 2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the Environmental Health Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health wishes to...

Free vaccines from family doctor, not just health centres, within coming weeks

We will be able to get free vaccine shots from our family doctor and not just the government health centres within the next few weeks. This has been announced by Health Minister Chris Fearne. Although...

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