Pharmacies open today 15.09.2019

This is the list of pharmacies open in Malta and Gozo today:

Demi Moore: Raped as a girl, lost a baby at 42

Raped as a girl, aborted at 42, alcohol and drug abuse... Demi Moore's life has not been easy, as evidenced by the shocking revelations that make the "Inside Out" autobiography spicy, a book to...

Pizza protects against illness and death, as long as it is made and eaten...

Italy wins the 2019 Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine for "having provided evidence that the pizza can protect against illness and death, provided it is made and eaten in Italy", as stated in the motivation for the award that...

Meghan Markle becomes a designer and launches her line of clothes to help women...

Activist, magazine editor and also a fashion designer: Meghan Markle has just launched her clothing collection in collaboration with the Smart Works association, which helps women in difficulty enter the world of work. Five essential garments at democratic prices -...
Forever love

Husband’s six rules for marital bliss go viral

Ryan Stephens is the talk of Twitter after posting a series of tweets he believes offer the secret to marital success. “My wife and I have found that focusing more on being teammates and less...
Teacher teaching

Are we about to employ foreign teachers ‘out of desperation’?

It looks like the government is being forced to employ foreign teachers the face of a growing recruitment and retention crisis, but not for the benefits they bring to the classroom. Some might say that...

Ed Sheeran ‘retires from music’

ED SHEERAN is stepping away from the world of music to spend time with his new wife Cherry Seaborn.

VIDEO: Dad whose flight was delayed due to missing pilot flies plane himself

A man has been hailed as a legend for saving the holidays of hundreds of EasyJet passengers - and the best thing is, this hero can actually fly.

Liam Gallagher hints at potential guest appearance on Peaky Blinders

LIAM GALLAGHER could be set for a stint alongside Cillian Murphy on the critically acclaimed BBC drama series Peaky Blinders.

Spider-Man, Sony closes the doors to the MCU, the fans are furious

Sony's announcement that the doors to Spider-Man's return to the MCU are now closed has literally infuriated the fans. Sony and Disney were unable to reach an agreement, with Disney wanting more of its revenue under the current contract with Marvel. Cinecomics enthusiasts, however, fail...

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