© Other The snake passed away three weeks after it was found. Pic: Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife

Three-eyed snake found in Australia

A three-eyed snake has been found by the road in Australia. Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife found the reptile, lovingly named Monty Python, on the Arnhem Highway near the small town of Humpty Doo. Sharing the...

Dogs can tune out noise, just like people at cocktail parties

People have an ability to hear their own names amid lots of noise, something scientists call "the cocktail party effect." Now, new research has found that dogs can do it, too - even better than...

Seabird photo-bombs London traffic cam and becomes an Internet sensation

Traffic backups aren’t usually a laughing matter, but one bird provided some comic relief by repeatedly photo-bombing a London traffic camera. As CBS Newsreports, a herring gull recently became a viral sensation after it perched...
musical dog

WATCH: The neighbours complain about the dog, but the owner can’t help but laugh

It is not the first time that dogs amaze us with their innumerable talents, but this leaves everyone speechless! A scene to say the least surreal that Daniel Dragan, the owner of this white Schnoodle, in...
© Facebook @ Svalbard Husky

WATCH: Tired of his life, he chooses to live with 110 dogs!

The story we tell you today can teach us that there is always a possible alternative. If life seems too hard to live, you can always change and choose to follow a passion. Exactly as the human...

“Mum! The police!” – “Arrested” the parrot that was keeping an eye for a...

The news, reported by the local press and taken up by prestigious newspapers such as the Washington Post and the Guardian, has become viral. In Brazil, in the city of Vila Irma Dulce, a...

In Malta they want to kill the pigeons. In Australia? The cats!

By 2020 Australia wants to get rid of two million cats. The government plans to kill stray cats with sausages and poisoned meals. According to a 2017 study, cats kill 377 million birds and 649...

WATCH: Puppy dog ​​loses mother but fails to leave

Mama the dog is hit and her puppy has a very sad and moving reaction that has melted the rescuers in tears. A sad scene that unfortunately rarely happens in all the streets of the...
drowning lizard

WATCH: Woman uses cardiac massage to save drowned lizard

A woman from Nevada saved the life of a lizard with a cardiac massage, after finding IT almost drowned in the pool at home. Amy Hooks posted a video on YouTube, which shows at first...
Remi Gaillard locked in cage

WATCH: He closed himself in a cage, until all 300 kennel dogs are adopted

The well-known comedian Remi Gaillard decided to take a spectacular action to raise awareness among his French fellow citizens on the problem of abandoned dogs. He locked himself up in a kennel cage until...

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