WATCH VIDEO: Komodo dragon eats monkey (not for the faint-hearted)

You have been warned! This one is not for the faint-hearted... Nature, at times, knows how to be terrifying: in the video, shot in Indonesia, we see a specimen of Komodo dragon, also called...

WATCH VIDEO: You have never seen such a beautiful and vain dragonfly so closely

On the beach of Florence, Oregon (USA), a dragonfly is quietly pausing on a surfer's finger. The close-up shot is surprising, above all because it allows us to enjoy the beauty of the insect: it...

WATCH VIDEO: The greedy dog ​​steals the biscuits but something goes wrong

Someone ate the biscuits!!! The dog tries to go unnoticed by pretending nothing had happened, but an unmistakable clue proves its obvious guilt. Discovered!

Mosquitoes, the deadly transmitted virus that affects the brain: the symptoms

Mosquitoes, the deadly virus transmitted by the bite that affects the brain... This is the alarm raised by the Florida State Department of Health in the United States. A virus transmitted by mosquitoes that causes...

Have you ever seen a fish that loves to be caressed?

A girl, while she is diving, meets a particularly and incredibly tender fish, which lends itself to be pampered and filled with caresses. How sweet!

Many animals cannot adapt to climate change fast enough and are in danger

In nature, animals are 'accustomed' to adapting to changes and, within a few generations, they are able to 'change' in order to be again in perfect balance with the environment. Usually, the main aspects...

VIDEO: When the dog wants to rule but the only real leader is the...

A large husky barks fiercely at a cat and seems to try to impose itself on him. The feline ignores him but, seeing him insist, with a few moves he "remembers" he is who...

VIDEO: He looks out and finds a bear on his balcony

In this impressive video a man is observing a bear walking on the lower level but, suddenly, the animal starts to climb up to reach the upper one. The human is understandably terrified but,...

WATCH VIDEO: What this dog can do is truly incredible

This little dog has an innate talent as a model and "poser": they show him images and he reproduces exactly the same position.

WATCH: Here is the cockatoo parrot that believes to be a dog

In South Africa lives this specimen of cockatoo parrot that, being a friend of three dogs, behaves exactly like them: they are lurking together behind a gate, ready to bark at passers-by. Volatile included!

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