Saved puppy left in the trunk, the owner had gone to the sea

He left his dog in the trunk of the car and went to the sea, in San Felice Circeo. The whimpers of the poor animal, a puppy of about three months, attracted the attention of some...

The pig on a leash in Rome…

"Why can dogs and not him?" Protests a lady who wanted to enter the bar holding "him" on a leash. The "him" was a pig, a cute little plump pig - just like a...

The dog waiting for the dead owner in the hospital breaks the heart of...

He waited in vain next to the hospital bed. Then they took him away, orphan of his owner. Moose, this is the dog's name, has become the protagonist of the Facebook profiles of thousands of Americans...

Owning a cat: Scientifically proven to be good for your health

The cat is a furry, cute, fun, as well as an independent animal to watch. Also, not just that, but there are some benefits proven by science which say that owning a cat will...

Woman stabs boyfriend because he threw her cat against a wall

A woman stabbed her live-in boyfriend to death in a brutal attack after he threw her cat against a wall.
Shih Tzu

Healthy dog ​​killed intentionally: he had to be buried with his deceased owner

In his will he wrote that he wanted to be buried with his dog and when he died his last wish was satisfied.His faithful life partner, despite enjoying excellent health, was suppressed to be buried...

Study: dogs can tell lies

We know that dogs can take a guilty expression, but usually they are given great sincerity and transparency. Yet, a recent study shows that dogs are able to assume "deceptive behaviour". In a series of experiments,...

Bitten while playing with her little dog, 55-year-old loses both legs and one arm

The dog bites her and 3 limbs are amputated.  Christine Caron, 55, from Ottawa, Canada, was playing with her four Shih Tzu dogs when one of them bit her in the heat of the...
Golden Retriever

They thought they had bought a dog, they find out they rented it

A Long Island family is struggling to keep their pet, a Golden Retriever named Max, after a company has threatened to take it back unless they make a considerable final payment. Danielle Citizen and her...
james assange cat

So Assange’s cat escaped arrest!

No trace of the cat James, the feline with the tie who kept Julian Assange company in the last years of hiding spent in confinement in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. According to well-informed sources, the cat was...

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