dog remote

WATCH: The first TV remote control for dogs

Dogs that often spend time alone at home will now be able to spend time watching TV, thanks to a new custom-made remote control that allows the animal to control the device. The idea came from the...

Luxury kennels for dogs: they cost 200,000 Euro

Many believe that dogs, as "man's best friends", deserve the best: but it cannot be denied that the latest invention of an English company seems an exaggeration: luxury kennels, which arrive to cost even...

WATCH: Duck with disability takes its first steps

Merlin is a duck born with a defect on the left leg that could have prevented him from walking forever. Fortunately it was adopted by a shelter for animals in New Jersey, which then proceeded to contact...

Willie, the parrot hero who saved a child

Willie, the hero parrot of Denver... It is not the plot of a cartoon, nor a fairy tale for children, but the story of a truly extraordinary little parakeet, who saved a child's life. It was Willie, in fact,...

WATCH: Firefighters save a dog stuck in the attic

To chase a squirrel who came into the house a dog got stuck in the attic. Poor dog! However, the immediate intervention of the Fire Department of Chattonga in Tennessee, saved the life of dachshund named Bella.  The dog during the chase fell into a hole between the attic...

A house inhabited by dogs and cats: how to keep it clean and tidy

Those of you who have a dog or a cat know how much fun it is to have them around at home. It does not matter if our four-legged friend is often messy and confusing and most...

Owner discovers that tenants kept an alligator in the bathroom

Those of you who rent properties, know very well the risk of renting to strangers. You never know who you are renting to, how they will behave in the property and moreover, what state...
boy cry

Losing a dog is comparable to losing a human being

Anyone who has owned a four-legged friend, knows how simple it is to become attached to it, thanks to their unconditional and pure love and the joy they can give every day. Precisely, this relationship...

Hilarious family dog contract

In happens in every family with kids (or almost anyway). The moment when kids ask their parents 'The Question'. And no, I’m not talking about, “Where do babies come from?”... You know the one...
African Gray parrot

Parrot mimics fire alarm: firemen intervene

The department of firefighters in a city in Great Britain said that the firefighters rushed to the scene of an alleged fire, only to find out that the fire alarm had not been triggered,...

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