Respecting teachers helps build a better country

The severity of the frequent episodes, which see teachers insulted, mocked, beaten by pupils or their parents, goes beyond that of individual cases. It is in fact in front of a social phenomenon that sees...

Educating with screams is useless. Being heard is not easy, but anger is useless!

It's difficult, or maybe even impossible, to find a parent who has never shouted at the top of their lungs with their child. Something almost natural, especially in the face of exhaustion that can come when...
Teacher teaching

How stressful is the teacher’s job?

These are hard times for those who work in schools. It is an assertion that doesn't surprise anyone nowadays, given the countless cases of humiliation, violence and abuse that the school has as a scenario and that the...
Child reading

EasyReading: the font to overcome reading barriers

A 'hybrid' typeface, valid for all languages ​​that use the Latin alphabet, designed to help those with dyslexia to read more quickly and with less difficulty: EasyReading. It is reported to be a font which is not only...

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