A billionaire will pay 40 million Dollars in debts of the students of an...

Billionaire Robert F. Smith will pay the student debt for the 2019 graduate class at Morehouse College, a historically African American university in Atlanta, Georgia. A gesture of pure philanthropy that the president of Morehouse...

WATCH: “You need to protect your children…”

A touching video by Nicola Cutajar has been released on Facebook. It revolves once more around he issue that was raised earlier this week by another parents with regards to PSCD lessons about sexuality. A...

The famous PSCD Workbook

The PSCD lessons issue is still raw and people are still discussing. The Education Division has decided to put online the workbook used during the so-called 'diabolic' PSCD lessons in schools. This workbook in question...

WATCH: The hot issue of PSCD lessons in state schools

A video has been making its round on Facebook, where a concerned mother complains about what children are being taught during PSCD lessons, to the extent of calling them 'diabolic'. For us who do not...
water services corporation

The Water Service Corporation is asking for your help

So... what should go down my loo? The Water Services Corporation has come up with a poster to help us all understand what should actually go down the loo and what should not... Pee, Poo,...
teacher burnout

Four out of 10 teachers plan to quit

Where do you see yourself in five years' time? No longer working in education, 40% of UK teachers surveyed by a teachers' union replied. And something tells us it is basically the same here...

In the UK, Labour pledges to scrap primary exams if elected

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged that Labour would scrap formal tests in primary schools in England, known as Sats. The tests left children in floods of tears or vomiting with worry, he told members of the...

Great initiative by Maria Regina College

BE POSITIVE! An Arts Exhibition by Maria Regina College at Mater Dei Hospital (Foyer). Such a great initiative taken by this College in promoting positivity. And where better to do so then Mater Dei...

American student lives in the forests of India to escape the “student debt”

A 29-year-old American has decided to leave the United States and move to a remote village in the jungle in India, so that he no longer has to worry about repaying his student loan. Like...
gas malta

Check your gas cylinder frequently!

Lately on our tiny island there has been one too many incidents concerning gas cylinders. Am one to hate these with a passion, and have opted not to have any at home. However my...

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