WATCH: Designer turns cow poop into fashionable clothes

Would you wear a "shit dress" on you? We bet that the answer is no, whether we speak in a figurative sense or even less if we speak in a literal sense. Think about it though,...

Trousers designed to last a 100 years

You know when you buy a garment that you really like and it becomes your favourite? You never really want to part from it right? Well, even though over 700 Euro for a pair...
red carpet oscars

Oscars 2019: the best looks on the red carpet (in our opinion)

I'm honest: apart from knowing who won the main awards (best actors, director and best film), the main reason why I look forward to the Oscars every year is to see the looks of the stars on the...
clothes fashion tshirt garment.

The t-shirt: why is it indispensable?

The t-shirt is an indispensable garment, one of those that is absolutely necessary to have in the closet. Because it speaks of you, because it is convenient, because you put one (at school, at home, to go out...
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton takes back the throne … of fashion

"I'm the one who married the future king of England!" Kate Middleton seems to want to communicate with a brilliant smile, beaming at a gala dinner at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In a...

The 5 things to never wear at a wedding

Browsing through Facebook you frequently come across people asking for opinions about what to wear for a wedding, showcasing their wardrobe and asking whether the dress they have is good to wear or not... What...
Malta Essence OMG Buffet

Essence OMG Buffet

Make-up lovers... here's an event you have been surely waiting for! The Essence OMG Buffet! Date: Saturday, 9 February 2019 from 10:00-19:00 Venue: PAMA Shopping Village, Mosta Tickets can be purchased on a first-come first-served basis from the venue...
Iris Apfel: At 97 she is the oldest model

Iris Apfel: At 97 she is the oldest model

Many believe that modelling is not for everyone because of all the perceptions we have. A model needs to be young and beautiful, with a breath-taking shape... Yet little does Iris Apfel care about...
Celine Dion: “If you do not like it, leave me alone”

Celine Dion: “If you do not like it, leave me alone”

Have you seen a photo of Celine Dion lately?! I mean, oh dear! What has happened to this all-time diva!? "If you like it, I'm here. If you do not like it, leave me alone....
‘Naked’ wedding dresses set to be big 2019 trend

‘Naked’ wedding dresses set to be big 2019 trend

Many brides don't want a traditional white gown, and are instead looking for something which will really make them stand out. Hundreds of women will spend days, weeks, and possibly even months trying to find...

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