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The story of a blind boy who founded a company that is now worth...

At 23, Srikanth Bolla is the CEO of a company founded by him, which today is worth around 7.5 million dollars. A decidedly remarkable result, which becomes even more admirable if one thinks that Srikanth...

Amazon, record of profits but does not pay taxes for over 10 billion

Record of profits for Amazon in the last two years, yet it has not paid federal taxes and has received from the American Government 129 million Dollars of repayments thanks to tax reliefs and credits, with a...
Unknown password!

Unknown password!

Gerald Cotten from Canada who traded in Bitcoin, died suddenly aged 30 in December. Pretty young age to die at indeed but that is not what's frustrating us the most ... It's that,  he...
Curve Card

Leave all your bank cards safe at home – just take Curve

Yes that's right, with Curve you can now leave all your bank cards safe at home. A company from London has come up with a product that can change the way we bank! No, it's...

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